About LN Exchange

First DEX on Lightning Network

What is LN Exchange?

The first DEX on Lightning Network, LN Exchange is a vertically integrated, decentralised trading powerhouse featuring peer-to-peer trading, spot, and perpetuals, with a focus on Bitcoins and Taproot Assets.

LN Exchange is powered by Lnfi Network, a Layer 2.5, built at the intersection of open standards and network economies - Bitcoin network, Lightning Network, Taproot Assets, and the Nostr protocol.

  • Bitcoin network provides the battle-tested security for Bitcoin and issuance of Taproot Assets (alternative assets/tokens issued on Bitcoin).

  • Lightning Network serves as the global, instant settlement network at zero/low fees.

  • The Nostr protocol acts as the messaging layer, and specifically for our project, it enables users to submit their bid and ask orders to LN Exchange for order matching and execution, facilitating efficient trading processes.

💫What is LN Exchange’s mission?

LN Exchange aims to be the one-stop decentralised trading powerhouse that enables anyone to trade crypto with full transparency, low costs, and the best execution.

The team believes in democratized access to markets and self-custody.

Ultimately, the goal is for all traders to view LN Exchange as the best solution to trade Bitcoin and Taproot Assets.

🔆Features of LN Exchange


Our platform is designed for best-in-class speed, liquidity, and price. With advanced technology and robust infrastructure, LN Exchange delivers the speed and reliability you expect from a professional trading platform.

One-stop trading powerhouse

LN Exchange is your ultimate destination for all your trading needs, offering a comprehensive suite of services for both spot and perpetual trading of Bitcoins and Taproot assets.

✅0 Gas with low competitive fees.

At LN Exchange, we prioritize affordability and accessibility for all traders. With our platform, you can say goodbye to gas fees commonly associated with decentralized exchanges.

By leveraging the Lightning Network's efficient payment channels and Nostr, we eliminate the need for gas fees, ensuring that your trading experience remains cost-effective.


At LN Exchange, we prioritize transparency and accountability in every aspect of our platform. With our built-in Explorer feature, all users' actions are fully trackable, providing a transparent view of the trading activity on our platform.

The Explorer allows users to monitor and track transactions in real time, providing insights into trading volumes, order book activity, and user interactions.

Why Lightning Network?

In 2018, developers Joseph Poon and Thaddeus Dryja unveiled the Lightning Network, a groundbreaking solution that has transformed the landscape of digital finance. Operating as a layer atop the Bitcoin blockchain, the Lightning Network addresses critical issues related to transaction speed and cost, ushering in a new era of instant, global settlement.

🔆Key Features

⚡Instantaneous Transactions

Lightning Network settlements occur instantly, providing rapid transaction confirmations, unlike the traditional Bitcoin blockchain.


With Lightning, payments of any size, including sub-1 cent micropayments, are possible. This opens up new possibilities for global commerce and supports innovative payment models like streaming services.


The Lightning Network employs peer-to-peer onion routing, ensuring that transaction paths are private, with each hop knowing only the next hop and nothing beyond that.


Lightning operates as an open and permissionless network, allowing anyone to utilize its services. This stands in contrast to most other USD payment networks, which operate as closed ecosystems.


Lightning settles transactions directly in Bitcoin without any counterparty risk or reliance on third-party trust, making it a secure payment network.

⚡Simplified Experience

All technical complexities, such as underlying hashing algorithms, are abstracted away from end users, providing a seamless and user-friendly experience.

Today, the Lightning Network enables almost free and instant payments worldwide using Bitcoin denominations known as satoshis. It is accessible to all, regardless of location or financial status, and has the potential to revolutionize Internet commerce by welcoming billions of new users and enabling countless new use cases. And, Lnfi Network leverages Lightning Network for settlements.

Why Nostr protocol?

Lnfi Network is at the forefront of leveraging the innovative Nostr protocol to empower decentralized applications across various domains. Nostr offers a unique middle ground between traditional internet architectures and fully decentralized systems, facilitating seamless connectivity and data portability.

With its streamlined approach and decentralized network of relays, Nostr enables applications to transcend limitations commonly encountered on blockchain-based systems.

At the core of our platform is the interoperability provided by Nostr. Users can seamlessly transition between different applications while retaining their identity and data. Whether it's social media, job searching, dating, or any other domain, our platform ensures a smooth user experience across the board.

Through the utilization of Nostr, LN Exchange has addressed a significant limitation of the Lightning Network, which is hindered by a lack of transparency in transactions. By broadcasting all users' actions onto Nostr, these actions are recorded as Nostr events, which can then be indexed into an explorer. This enables data to be fully trackable, transparent, and resistant to tampering.

Why Taproot Assets?

Taproot assets represent a notable addition to the cryptocurrency ecosystem, offering a diverse range of assets with unique characteristics that appeal to investors and enthusiasts alike.

The Taproot Assets Protocol, developed by Lightning Labs, significantly advances on-chain protocols. It facilitates the implementation of fungible and non-fungible tokens (Collectibles) and alternative coins with unprecedented efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

The protocol's brilliance lies in its utilization of Schnorr signatures and Merkle trees, which provide enhanced security and sophistication to digital assets while keeping transaction costs low.

What sets Taproot Assets apart is its dual-layer approach, which utilizes both Bitcoin's base layer and the Layer 2 Lightning Network. This not only improves transaction speed but also substantially reduces costs, offering significant advantages for creators and investors.

Overall, Taproot Assets represents an innovative step forward in the cryptocurrency space, providing new opportunities for asset creation and investment while maintaining security and efficiency.

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