📈Orderbook, Order Types, Fees


The orderbook is LN Exchange’s primary edge in the context of a performant trading engine. Liquidity is augmented as positions from pairwise LP markets populate the orderbook.

Limit orders are placed on the book and held in the bids and asks fields of the Market. Orders are matched by price-time priority: orders are executed based on the best price, and if multiple orders are at the same price, the order with the earliest time will be matched first.

⚡Order types


An order that executes immediately at the current market price


An order that executes at the selected limit price or better

⚡Order options

Take Profit

An order that triggers when the Take Profit (TP) price is reached

Stop Loss

An order that triggers when the Stop Loss (SL) price is reached


An order that triggers when a target price is reached

Post Only

An order that is added to the order book but doesn’t execute immediately. It is only executed as a resting order

Immediate or Cancel (IOC)

An order that has to be executed immediately and fully, or as fully as possible

Fill or Kill (FOK)

An order that has to be executed fully or not at all



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